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The world renowned continuous sheet curtain roller doors – Strong, quiet and reliable.

The advantages of a roller door over the traditional up-and-over are plain to see. They save space inside and outside the garage, are easy to install and are more secure. Our doors are popular with major builders and householders because of the consistent quality and superior design characteristics.

The Garage doors are available in two options. An easy to operate manual version or with the complete luxury of “touch-of-a-button” automatic operation. The doors are manufactured with galvanized steel profile curtain and come complete with a maintenance-free Plastisol coating running through steel guide rails on either side of the door.

The doors are safe, secure and help to reduce draughts in your garage – compared to the standard “up and over” doors. Another advantage of this is that the doors roll up vertically and will not swing outwards into your driveway, meaning you can park right up against the door as well as saving space within the garage.

Clearance Information

Clearance Info
480mm minimum

Opening height up to 2135mm = 420mm

Opening height up to 2440mm = 450mm

Opening height up to 2740mm = 480mm

Opening height up to 3055mm = 520mm

Single manual doors up to 3400mm wide
brick to brick opening + 75mm on each side.

Single electric doors up to 3400mm wide
brick to brick opening + 95mm on the side that the motor will be fitted and 75mm on the other side.

Double manual doors over 3400mm wide
brick to brick opening + 150mm on each side.

Double electric doors over 3400mm wide
brick to brick opening + 170mm on the side that the motor will be fitted and 150mm on the other side.


These doors can take a large amount of wear and tear and come with the following guarantees for well maintained doors:

  • 10-year Plastisol door finish
  • 6-year mechanical parts
  • 2-year electric parts
  • Top Tips

To find out what door width you require, measure the brick to brick opening.

Measure from the floor to the underside of the lintel to find out the required height.

In the majority of instances the old door framework should be removed in order to increase the size of the opening.

Door Selection Guide

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